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Abu Dhabi is a vibrant metropolis bustling with trade and tourism. It is lauded for being a family-friendly Emirate with a pace that suits everyone.

Abu Dhabi is proud to be a place known for the friendliness and hospitality of its people, the vision of its leadership and its efforts to develop an inclusive community. Abu Dhabi has championed initiatives to bridge communication between people of different cultures and abilities. From demonstrations of religious tolerance to the protection and promotion of rights for People of Determination, Abu Dhabi has shown great capacity to be a home for all.

Today, residents enjoy living in a modern, technologically advanced city. Abu Dhabi offers an immense range of international cuisine, a variety of housing options and modes of transportation. Plus, the sun shines brightly over the city every day. From live concerts to theatrical performances and spectacular sporting events, a world of wonder awaits you.

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Abu Dhabi is located on an island that is surrounded by the Arabian Gulf. The epitome of cutting-edge modernity, tall skyscrapers, luxury international hotels, shopping malls and cultural and tourist destinations dominate the skyline. The emirate’s culture is strongly intertwined with the Islamic traditions of Arabia and is an integral part of the artistic, social, and cultural life of the UAE. The emirate's heritage rests on hospitality, inclusivity, family values and solidarity among members of the community. Abu Dhabi is a place of iconic architecture, sprawling mega-malls, rolling golf greens, sandy beaches, 5-star international hotels and a rich mix of nationalities and cultures. It is a 21st-century city.

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Abu Dhabi is a safe and welcoming city that places as much emphasis on its residents' pleasure and wellness as it does on its economy and infrastructure. The emirate is rated as one of the best and safest places in the world for people to live, work, and settle because of the high standard of living and services provided. Numbeo's Safety Index 2022 has ranked Abu Dhabi the safest city in the world for the sixth consecutive year. In addition to safety, the survey takes into account the city's residents' purchasing power, pollution levels, the price of a home relative to their income, and the cost of living. The quality of services, the time it takes to commute to work, and the climate also feature in the formula.

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With top-notch medical treatment provided in cutting-edge facilities, Abu Dhabi has one of the best public health care systems in the world. Including hospitals, medical labs, specialised centres, primary health centers, and home health facilities. Abu Dhabi is positioned as one of the top destinations for medical tourism by the US-based Medical Tourism Association. Patients travel to the Abu Dhabi for major surgery, dentistry, fertility treatments, rehabilitation, cancer treatment, skincare, and dermatology procedures.

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One of the fastest-growing economies in the world may be found in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi continues to thrive as a major international and regional business hub even as it diversifies its economy away from the oil industry. Abu Dhabi is listed as the smartest city in the area for a second consecutive year. For international professionals looking to work, invest, and advance their careers, Abu Dhabi offers one of the most linked and integrated ecosystems. Businesses in the UAE are anticipated to speed up their hiring processes in order to attract the top talent from across the world.

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Abu Dhabi has created a cutting-edge workplace with work-life balance, mental health, and worker flexibility at the forefront of their minds, placing the wellbeing of residents and visitors as their top priority. Understanding the emirate’s employment rules and regulations is essential if you want to keep a positive working relationship with your employer and make sure your rights are upheld. The working week has been altered with less hours in order to better align with Abu Dhabi’s objective to increase its global competitiveness and stay up with advancements around the world.

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The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 is built on the idea of economic diversification. Abu Dhabi wants to create a diverse, sustainable economy that is well-integrated into the global economy by 2030. Abu Dhabi is concentrating on creating other industries that have development potential and are in line with the emirate's larger strategy, even though oil and gas remain the country's largest economic sector. Abu Dhabi’s economic vision also lists a number of industries with a bright future, which the Abu Dhabi Government will promote and support in an effort to diversify the emirate's economy even further and create international centers of excellence there.

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Companies and businesses may invest, develop, and grow well in Abu Dhabi. According to UNCTAD, the UAE has been facilitating FDI inflows into the country over the past few years, making the UAE the largest beneficiary of FDI in the Middle East. The emirate has created a welcoming climate for investments that is supported by its efficient processes and supportive laws, including 100% foreign ownership of businesses. Here in Abu Dhabi, investors are connected to some of the fastest-growing economies in the globe as well as the second-largest economy in the Arab world.

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