The Investor Golden Visa is ideal if you invest in non-real estate projects and companies in Abu Dhabi.  

The visa covers spouses, children, one advisor and one executive director. 
10 years

You are eligible if you fulfil the following criteria:

• Must have one of the following investments with a minimum value of AED 2 million: 
   •  a deposit 
   •  a company
   •  a share in a company


• Must maintain the investment for at least 2 years after the Golden Visa has been issued


• Must provide evidence of paying taxes of AED 250,000 annually for 2 years prior to the Golden Visa application

Senior Officers for investors: 

• Must be employed by an investor who fulfils the criteria

•  Must be employed as an Executive Director or Advisor
• Must continue to work through the validity period of the residence permit


To apply, you will need to provide:

Proof of deposit:

●  A statement issued by an investment fund licensed in the UAE, proving the deposit of at least AED 2 million. The investor must undertake to serve a notice in the event of cashing the deposit

 A letter of guarantee or a letter of continuity from an investment fund licensed in the UAE, stating that the deposit will continue for 2 years

Proof of establishment of company or proof of partnership:

  • A valid copy of the company’s trade licence or of the existing partnership, established in Abu Dhabi
  • A letter from a bank or an investment fund licensed to operate in the UAE, proving that the investor’s capital in the company or partnership is worth at least AED 2 million

For companies whose capital has not been updated in the Memorandum of Association:

  • A certificate of the company value must be issued by an audit company that is accredited by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), serving as proof that the minimum value of the investor’s share in the company is worth at least AED 2 million

For the tax payment proof:

  • A proof of tax payment for the minimum amount of AED 250,000 per year for 2 years prior to the application. For example, if the investor owns 25% of shares in a company which pays annual taxes amounting to AED 1 million, then the investor needs to provide proof of paying AED 250,000 per year in order to qualify for the visa

Regarding Investors in companies:

  • A copy of the commercial registration of the establishment or a company, proving that there is no legal case against the company or against the share of the investor
  • A written acknowledgement by the investor stating that the investor will maintain AED 2 million for at least 2 years after the issuing of the Golden Visa
  • OR
  • In the event that the investor fails to maintain the investment, the investor must provide proof of transferring the residence to another visa category, as per the law

Required documents for the investor’s Senior Officers: 

  • An application requesting issuance of a residency for the Executive Director or Advisor, signed by the investor
  • A written declaration by the Executive Director or Advisor to be committed to working with the investor through the validity period for the residency
  • An employment contract that also confirms the job title of the Executive Director or the Advisor, attested by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation; the category applies to any employee who assumes the position of an Executive Director or performs similar duties or holds a position in the executive management
How to Apply

Click here to apply for your Golden Visa nomination through Abu Dhabi Residents Office


Additionally, applicants can also submit their application online through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) at:


For any further inquiries, you may contact us via email on:

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